Gig Survey

Finding out about live music in Dundee

We recently published a range of questions about gigs in Dundee - thanks so much to everyone who completed the survey, we maxxed out the SurveyMonkey response count!

Here are charts of the responses - you can get a full copy of the results by emailing us

How do you find out about gigs?

It seems Facebook is currently the most common way to hear about gigs - how will that look in a year's time? (Anyone remember Myspace?)

Friends are also a good source of gig info, as are posters.

What effect do these have?

The band and style of music are clearly the main drivers in choosing a gig . . .

What about promoters?

Beat Generator, Rusty Hip Collective and Make That a Take are the most-recognised promoters, with a wide range of others also putting on gigs . . .

How long since you heard live music?

Most people who responded to our survey are active gig-goers, this is reflected in the chart.

If it's been a while, why?

There's a tie for first place: "Not heard of anything I'd like" / "Not got the money"

Where have you been to gigs in Dundee?

Our gig-goers have experienced live music in this long list of Dundee venues.

Tied for top place:
Buskers (formerly 20 Rocks, formerly The Doghouse)
Non-Zero's (formerly Dexters).

There's certainly a hot-spot for live music in the city centre, though other venues are gaining in popularity.

Thanks to everyone who responded on the Dundee Gig Survey - in the future we'll run it again and compare the responses.

Meanwhile, keep getting out to support your local live scene!

You can keep up with all the latest gigs in Dundee at and on twitter: @inDundee

regular nights/open mics
Tonic Acoustic Night
Buskers Open Jam
Cerberus Bar Open Mic
Speedwell Bar Folk Music Night
Non-Zero's Open Mic (2nd)
The Fort Open Mic
Westport Bar Open Mic ?
Redd Suite Open Mic
The Mercantile Open Mic
Boudoir Open Mic ?
Clark's Jazz Lunch / Folk Club
Tay Bridge Bar Open Mic
The Jolly Judge Open Mic
McDaniel's Open Jam ?
Globe Bar Open Mic (2nd)
check with the venue first